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pkmn_rby's Journal

First Generation Pokémon!
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Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow and Stadium
Welcome to pkmn_rby!

Here, we appreciate all things from the first generation of Pokémon: Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Yellow and Pokémon Stadium. Feel free to post artwork, opinions on first generation Pokémon, questions, tips, and anything else you can think of which may be relevant.

If you don't like Pokémon, or are just going to go on about how much better the new games are than the old, then don't join! We have nothing against people who prefer the new games, as long as on here they talk about first gen only. Also, we have no problem with people who don't like Pokémon, but we do have a problem with you joining this community just to express that opinion, especially in a rude or offensive way.

Let's all do a mini-quiz for our first post on this community when we join, as an ice-breaker. Obviously, this isn't compulsary, but it'll definitely make it easier to find a topic for our first posts! Anyway, the quiz!:

1. The obvious one: what's your favourite Pokémon (out of the original 151)?

2. Why?

3. Do you remember your first ever Pokémon League winning team? Who was in it?

4. What is your favourite Pokémon type (no Dark, no Steel!)?

5. Who is your favourite gym leader?

6. Finally, if you had to be a certain "type" of trainer (Bug Catcher, Bird Keeper, Biker, or any trainer you can encounter in RBY), what type would you be?

I'll write more here as and when it becomes appropriate. For now, just enjoy!